Sarah Stage is fending off serious and unfounded criticism this week after posting several pregnancy photos on her Instagram account. Eight months pregnant, the controversy is over the fact she still looks completely fit.

Negative feedback has flooded in, and has forced her to respond. Of course, she shouldn’t have to, but those damn Internet doctors from the University of WebMD have weighed in.

Sarah Stage is popular on Instagram. She has 1.2 million followers, and has documented her pregnancy via the social media platform. Stage has also kept up with her fitness, though she has toned it down since becoming pregnant.

Taking to Entertainment Tonight, she said that her baby is perfectly healthy, and her doctor has given her a clean bill of health. “The doctor said my baby is healthy,” she said. “All my girlfriends that are pregnant now, their bellies are a lot bigger, so I asked him and he started laughing. He was like, ‘You’re fine.'”

“I’m just trying to stay positive. It’s hard enough to be pregnant. I think all women are beautiful, especially pregnant women.”

Stage has stated she has gained 20 pounds during the pregnancy and enjoys burgers. Haters will scoff at that, but forget she was a model before her pregnancy. It’s not out of the question for a pregnancy to look like this. Unusual? Maybe, but everyone has different bodies.

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