Modern Warfare Breaks Its Battle Royale Silence

Leaks kept pointing to the existence of a Battle Royale mode coming to Modern Warfare, and yesterday we finally got an official tease. The devs aren’t shouting its Battle Royale, but the trailer that starts when you launch the game has all the hallmarks. A massive map, tons of players, and players parachuting in. 

Yep, that’s a Battle Royale. 

Add in a new ‘Classified’ section on the menu, and it looks like we’ll be getting a Battle Royale mode at some point during Season 2. 

Charlie Intel is also reporting of glitches putting players inside a Warzone lobby (Warzone is believed to be the name of the Battle Royale mode). In it, there’s a menu item named ‘Edit Drop Kits.’

It’ll be interesting to see how in-depth these ‘Drop Kits’ are. I don’t think it’ll be quite like standard loadouts. Part of the Battle Royale experience is scrounging for loot. But I would be ok with coming in with a pistol and maybe a perk or two. 

Activision has been quick to rip down images showing a key art of the mode called ‘Call of Duty: Warzone.’ 

The rumor mill surrounding this mode is in overdrive now. But with a trailer included inside Modern Warfare, we shouldn’t have to wait much longer for a proper reveal. 

The biggest question for me is, will Warzone (or whatever it’s called) be free to play or part of Modern Warfare. Having a new ‘Classified’ section inside Modern Warfare’s menu suggests it might be part of the game, but a free to play, standalone version would be best. Activision could then do huge content drops around new Call of Duty games without having to design a new Battle Royale mode from the ground up. Get it more in line with how Fortnite and Apex Legends do it. 

For now, we wait. But at least we know a Battle Royale is finally coming.