Modern Warfare Gives Us Another Taste of Call of Duty’s First Story in Two Years

Call of Duty decided to ditch the traditional story in last year’s Black Ops 4. There was a little bit of a story tied to training missions, but it wasn’t the fleshed-out campaign we are used to seeing. That campaign returns in Modern Warfare.

During yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play, Infinity Ward dropped a new story trailer. In it, we see Captain Price and a new group of allies tackle a new threat. 

The devs sure do like showing off the graphics in windy environments. And it looks badass.

Shoutout to Nick E. Tarabay at 1:20. Watch The Expanse (and Spartacus) if you haven’t yet. He kills it in both of them. 

Modern Warfare puts you in two separate pair of boots this go around. You’ll play as the usual military operative, but you’ll also play parts of the story as a freedom fighter.

Infinity Ward and Activision hope bringing back the Modern Warfare label will be a return to form for the franchise. This past weekend’s beta was a good first step towards that. We’ll see if the campaign can deliver when the game lands on October 25.