Infinity Ward and Activision are dubbing it the “biggest drop of free content in Call of Duty history.” Well, it’s not hard now that the franchise finally ditched the season pass.

Season 1 is a blast from the past. Infinity Ward gets to tap into everyone’s nostalgia, while also addressing the map complaints. It’s a win-win. Who can forget playing countless hours of Crash, Vacant, and Shipment? Today’s 30-second teaser doesn’t show any of the old-school maps that I can tell, but we do get glimpses of the new Ground War map, and new weapons.

New content is always good. Free is even better.

We should also learn much more about the other part of Modern Warfare’s post-launch content. Battle Passes are the popular way to monetize games these days, and Modern Warfare is getting one. Details are slim at the moment, but we do know there will be 100 tiers. We’ll learn more about what’s included in those tiers tomorrow.

Also, all the stuff coming tomorrow isn’t everything in Season 1. In a recent blog post announcing Season 1’s content, Activision repeatedly made the point that more maps and Spec Ops content will drop as Season 1 goes on.

I hope this blast from the past continues on the map side of things. Give me Overgrown and Bog too while you’re at Infinity Ward.

I’ll update this article once we learn more about the Battle Pass. And stay tuned for impressions of all the new content later this week.

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