The official trailer for Modern Warfare’s Season 2 should hit YouTube any minute, but it popped up on Twitter a little early last night (via Charlie Intel). In it, we see all the goodies coming when the next season goes live tomorrow (Feb. 11) at 10 am PT.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s coming.

Maps: Rust, Atlas Superstore, Bazzar (Gunfight), Zhokov Boneyard (Ground War)

Weapons: Two new guns

Operator: Simon “Ghost” Riley

Dexerto posted an in-depth look at all the season 2 leaks. Check it out for a sneak peek at some of the cosmetics coming alongside the new battle pass.

Rust will be the big draw for many older Call of Duty fans. It’s more of the same small map, chaotic gameplay Shoot House and Shipment offer, but isn’t as ridiculously tiny as Shipment. COD fans love their small maps. And Rust is a classic in the same vein as Shipment. At least, it’s a little bigger so spawn trapping shouldn’t be as prevalent.

I’m pumped to jump in Zhokov Boneyard. Modern Warfare’s Ground War scratches that big multiplayer mode in a modern setting I’ve been missing since Battlefield 4. And until another Battlefield comes out, Ground War will have to do.

One thing missing from the leaked trailer is any mention of a Battle Royale mode. I figured the popular 100-person mode was a lock after it proved popular in Black Ops 4. But still radio silence from Activision/Infinity Ward. Plenty of leaks suggest it’s coming, but so far, not we haven’t heard a peep from official channels.

If a Battle Royale is coming, I imagine it’ll be coming in the next couple of months. We usually start hearing about the next Call of Duty in May/June. And with it launching alongside new console hardware, the marketing machine for it will be in overdrive.

Shooters are my jam, but I like to dip into story games from time to time as well. You can reach me at [email protected]

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