Modern Warfare’s Warzone Topped 30 Million Players In Less Than 14 Days

Good things come to those that wait. It’s been less than two weeks since Modern Warfare’s Warzone brought Infinity Ward’s take on the Battle Royale genre to the table. And more than 30 million of us are enjoying the hell out of it.

To put that in a little perspective, Warzone’s growth is similar to what we saw from Respawn’s Apex Legends, which hit 50 million players after its first month last February. Warzone is trending ahead of that so far.

Warzone is also undoubtedly getting a boost as millions of people are now working from home or out of school due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While I’m digging the regular Battle Royale mode, I’m hooked on the new Plunder mode. It gives you the same massive playground as Battle Royale, but nixes any dull moments as dozens of teams compete against one another to gather the most money. Toss in unlimited respawns, and the action is always fast and fun.

Infinity Ward has also been quick to add new content with the highly requested solo mode hitting shortly after launch. Hopefully, we see the devs lean more into the unique modes like Plunder in the weeks and months ahead.