Well, I don’t know what to say really. I’ll start with the news. Telltale Games and Mojang have announced Minecraft: Story Mode.

Minecraft: Story Mode “will be a narrative-driven video game created by Telltale Games. It will be about Minecraft.”

Mojang says they are not creating an official story for Minecraft.

They are collaborating with Telltale Games and members of the Minecraft community to make it “as Minecrafty as possible.”

Sounds like they want to take what some Minecraft YouTubers do and turn it into an official product. Can’t say I blame them.

As for release dates? Some time in 2015 is all Mojang is saying. It will be available for Xbox and Playstation consoles, PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Looks like Microsoft is sticking to its promise of keeping Minecraft multiplatform. Telltale will also stick to their episodic release schedule like they do for their other titles.

Mojang made a little game called Info Quest II to help explain why they are collaborating with Telltale Games.

We’ve begun to realise that there’s a massive demand for fiction set in the Minecraft Universe. People love engaging with the world, whether they’re building, adventuring, or role-playing an awesome creeper slayer. The tricky bit is working out how to explore a story without diluting Minecraft itself.

A Telltale game set within the world is one way delve deeper without laying down official lore, It’s one interpretation of the world and its logic.

On Minecraft: Story Mode’s visuals (Telltale Games can use their own assets)

Telltale Games are an exception. This thing won’t look exactly like Minecraft, but it will feel authentic in its own special way. Keep crafters won’t be disappointed.

So, what do you think about Telltale Games working on a Minecraft game? I know one thing, the folks at Telltale Games are a busy bunch.


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