Nice late spring day? Check. Kayaks? Double Check. Tired as hell after a few hours of paddling only to realize you have to paddle back? Damn… That’s a triple check with a few choice words.

Enter Mokai. A kayak with a 7hp, 4-stroke Subaru engine inside. Pretty sure that makes it a small boat, but if it looks like a kayak, we’ll call it a kayak. Plus, who wouldn’t want to paddle out in front of a bunch of people? Toss the paddle and motor away at 20mph.

Yep. 20mph. It can also operate in 4 inches of water. I would suggest you not attempt 20mph at that depth, but hey, we all have Obamacare, right?

Mokai ES-Kape

It’s not meant as a toy, but that’s on Mokai for putting an engine into a kayak and giving it joystick controls. The company built it for the diehards who want to fish upstream. I’m not sure about fishing, but this looks like a damn blast.

MokaiHome_20 from Mokai on Vimeo.

The Mokai ES-Kape is the latest from the company and remains true to their original designs. It improves on them by making the entire system modular. The lock and pin design allows you to store and transport the kayak with ease.

Take it out, snap it into the custom spring loaded bolt housings and motor off. A full tank of gas will get you 8-10 hours on the water. Storage is a breeze. The ES-Kape model components nest in the cockpit module.

It will even fit inside a Prius.

a mokai kayak inside a prius

Ok, let’s see it fit inside a trunk of a 2015 Roush Mustang. I may or may not make Costco/Sam’s Club trips in one. Nothing says Alabama like buying bulk in a sports car. You don’t have to own a truck to do something redneck…

Mokai Specs


Opening 50” x 19”

Hull Construction

Monocoque high-density polyethylene compound
Stressed engine
Aluminum bulkheads with aluminum spars and stringers
Engine, pump, battery, seating, center flotation and bow detachable with no tools
Engine Bay to Cockpit under 1 minute

Fuel System

2.6 gal aluminum tank with carbon canister


Subaru EX21, single cylinder @30deg slant, 211cc, 4000 rpm, air cooled
Bore / Stroke 67mm x 60mm
Chain Driven OHC
2 Valve pent-roof combustion chamber
Automatic decompression system
Push button electric starter, 12 Volt battery
40-watt charging system
Oil capacity 1/2 quart
Weight 42 lbs

Price Tag on Fun

I’d pay to see someone pack one into a Prius. The latest Mokai model is priced at $5,400 and ships out of the company’s plant in Newburgh, NY. Shipping costs start at $350 and hit $450 for states out west. Alaska and Hawaii? Ocean freight charges apply.

The price gets you on ES-Kape along with weather covers, paddle, tie down straps, a fire extinguisher (jump out first) and bearing grease.

For international readers, head over to the company’s site and they will work with you on shipping the motorized kayak overseas.

I should have waited on buying a kayak. Paddle or joystick controlled motor? Life decisions…

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