Moleskine. You know I love the overpriced notebooks. My handwriting may be atrocious, but damn if I don’t enjoy putting pen to paper.

In a sign of the times, Moleskine has released its smart writing set to the masses today. Draw. Take notes. Muse about whatever you want. Then sync it from the page straight to Evernote, Dropbox or Google Drive. Where it is also searchable.

Here’s the promo video showing the kit off:

Damn it. Moleskine and marketing. It’s a deadly combination. Especially when the notes we all take can be instantly uploaded via the Moleskine Notes app and searchable on Evernote.

Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Pen and paper. Of course, the company wouldn’t be able to charge $199 for the set and $30 for extra notebooks if it was just any pen and paper combination. The Pen+ is solidly built and will remind you of a fountain pen. Using Aluminum construction, it has a cap with a metal clip for storage.

The intelligence comes from the infrared camera near the tip that tracks what you write. I don’t think it has met my penmanship, but we’ll see. Storage in the Pen+ will hold around 1,000 pages of notes, allowing you to step away from your phone and journal in peace.

If you want to be near your phone while working on a project, you can see your notes in near real time on the app. If that’s not enough for you, Moleskine is offering up a suite of editing tools to change color and pen thickness.

App for Moleskine Smart Writing set

Moving to a separate page? No worries. The app automatically creates a new file. Users can switch back and forth and stay organized.

The notebook keeps the style of Moleskine. Granted, you can’t grab any Moleskine notebook and make use of the pen, but the solid feel of a hardcover journal (8.5 x 5.25 inches) can never be understated.

Each Paper Tablet has 173 usable pages, and its style is designed to mimic a tablet. The pages stick out slightly past the cover with curved edges. Inside, each page uses a tech embedded dot grid pattern to recognize the positioning of the Pen+.

Sharing your work is easy, and the Moleskine app offers a bevy of choices. Email? An icon rests at the top of each page and immediately opens your default client. Export the page as an image, PDF or even create a video with voice notes.

The drawback is clearly price. Some will balk at the $30 refill price, but the ability to search notes, designs, etc. offers a convenience that may offset the cost. It also has the customer loyalty of Moleskine customers.

Can’t deny the appeal of a digitized Moleskine that retains the pen and paper feel.

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