mom c-span

Ok, this is the best C-SPAN caller ever. Dallas and Brad Woodhouse are two political pundits divided on just about every issue. It’s so bad, their mom managed to get on the air when moderator Steve Scully announced they had a caller.

She was introduced as ‘Joy from Raleigh, NC.’ Dallas, pumped someone from the south was calling, gave the south a shoutout. Joy had the best mom comeback of all time.

“You’re right, I’m from down south,” Joy said. “And I’m your mother.” Dallas was quick on his reaction. “Oh God, it’s mom.”

Joy’s reason for calling in? To tell her sons to get the political bickering out of the way before they are back home for Christmas. Mom wants a peaceful house, damn it.

Steve Scully was having fun with it, asking how hard it was to raise the two of them. It wasn’t easy is the cookie cutter response of moms everywhere. Dallas and Brad? Give your mom a peaceful Christmas.

And clean up your damn room.