You get a lens flare. You get lens flare. Everybody gets a lens flare. If you subscribe to the who’s who of Youtube photography, prepare yourself. The marketing blitz for Moment’s latest Kickstarter is here. The company is kicking off its fifth campaign by taking to the skies with Moment Air

We all remember the anamorphic lens the company recently launched. If you ever thought it would look great on a camera drone, you’re in luck. Moment thought the same thing and the anamorphic lens has earned its wings as long as you own a DJI Mavic 2 Pro or Zoom. The footage captured off the lens is spectacular and makes you want to nudge DJI and say come on. We want interchangeable lenses, and we know you can make it happen. 

In addition to the anamorphic drone lens, Moment is also releasing a set of six filters including a circular polarizer, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64-stop ND filters. Need more? An ultra-thin photo case will also launch making a trio of new products. 

What does it look like? Badass doesn’t quite do it justice, but maybe a YouTube video will:

Here’s a GIF pulled off some buttery b-roll footage:

Of course, we want one. 

Mounting the Moment Anamorphic Lens 

The company developed a Lock & Balance mounting system for the Mavic 2 lineup. One didn’t exist, so the company developed a two-part design — the lens on one side and a counterweight on the other. Without the counterweight, the camera would pitch forward on the gimbal. 

If you’re worried about increased weight, the Moment Air anamorphic lens keeps it slim and trim, adding only 50 grams to your drone. The company is calling the technology Featherlight. 

Moment Air ND Filters

The Featherlight technology makes another appearance here with the six, fire red filters. Using aerospace aluminum, the filter set is 10% lighter than the nearest competitor. Less stress on the gimbal. Less stress on the motors. Fantastic footage. Add in cinema-grade glass, and you have a winner. Plus the red just looks cool. 

A set is available for the Mavic 2 Pro, Zoom and the anamorphic drone lens. 

New Moment Ultra-Thin Photo Case

Designed for the latest iPhones, it’s Moment’s thinnest phone case at 0.75mm thick. Attach all the current Moment lenses (M-series mount) with ease, or plug it into the drone controller. Right now there’s not a pledge tier offering just the case, but I’d expect that to change soon. I always mount my phone above the controls of the Mavic 2 Pro. It always felt weird to have the joysticks above the screen. 

Moment Air Kickstarter

The project is looking for $100,000 to deliver in November, and it’ll pass that amount with ease. Not even bothering with adding its current funding level. The numbers scroll by too quickly. Pricing is set at $99 for the filter sets, $199 for the anamorphic lens, $299 for the anamorphic bundle (lens, filters, photo case), $1599 for a Mavic 2 Zoom bundle, and $1,799 for a Mavic 2 Pro bundle. Moment’s Mavic 2 Pro bundle is actually a solid deal at current prices. 

Head over to the campaign page to learn more.

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