Have an iPhone 7/7 Plus? Take a moment for the latest Kickstarter craze. Easily one of the preeminent case and lens makers for the iPhone, Moment is back with an entire ecosystem for Apple’s latest smartphone.

The company wants to turn the iPhone into the only camera you’ll ever want. You can’t doubt the company’s pedigree. It first launched on Kickstarter a few years ago and has built a reputation for quality lens attachments and cases.

Now, it’s adding a battery case, photo case and wide angle lens that works with both the single lens setup of the iPhone 7 and the dual lenses of iPhone 7 Plus. Stylish as hell and the company has the technical prowess to pull it off.

Moment’s iPhone Photography Battery Case

We all need more battery life. Take the usual suspects like the Mophie and Apple’s battery case. Now add some style to it and make it for photographers and videographers. The same price as the other two at $99.99, but you add a dedicated shutter button and the lens attachment.

And with an additional 2500 MAH of juice onboard, it’ll keep you Instagramming like mad. Here’s where an interesting question emerges. The DJI Osmo Mobile. The way it is designed, you’re not plugging a battery bank into and filming. However, the total thickness of Moment’s case of 15.5mm (15.8mm for the 7+) and how it’s designed presents an interesting workaround.

That should fit the Osmo Mobile and other smartphone gimbals, and the additional weight of 3.4-4.6 ounces shouldn’t ding the battery life of the Osmo Mobile too hard. It’s an interesting solution, and I’ll update the article once I hear from the Moment team.

Moment Photo Case

Want something more minimalist? The photo case is for you. Thin and non-electronic, the photo case retains the lens mount and protects your phone from the occasional drops. Attach a lens on either side – so if you want a little extra telephoto, slide it over on the iPhone 7 Plus.

Those who love a good wood grain can choose the American dark walnut look or opt for a black coated canvas. Less bulk and if we quit watching Netflix on your phone, battery life shouldn’t be an issue. Or just have a lightning cable laying around.

Next Generation Wide Angle Lens

Billed as the best lens Moment has designed, it follows in Apple’s footsteps of changing the face of mobile photography. The team designed its new glass from the ground up. Its aspherical design is sharp edge to edge to match the 7’s f/1.8 aperture. Chromatic aberrations are less than a pixel, and the design includes six elements and five groups.

A new mounting system has been developed for the wide angle lens, and Moment is in the process of upgrading its existing line to the new mounting interface. Current owners won’t be left out in the cold with the company developing an adapter which will allow your lenses to work with both cases. Backers of the project will receive the adapter free.

But the iPhone 8?

Here’s the great unknown. If you are the type that has to have every new iPhone, there is uncertainty about how the cases will work come this fall. And with a ship date on the cases set for June or July, you may want to hold off. Especially on the higher end iPhone 8. The rumors of three devices should see a tick/tock upgrade to the 7S and then the anniversary phone.

It’s doubtful Apple changes dimensions on a 7S model, so backers who go that route are fine. It’s the rumored iPhone 8 presenting the problem. The redesign of the phone is supposed to be a radical departure from what we have in our hands now. Again, rumors. No one knows, but it’s the 10th anniversary, and it’s hard to imagine the flagship isn’t getting serious design changes.

So, it depends on your purchasing habit. If you don’t upgrade every year or know you’ll stick with the 7S line, the Moment cases fulfill a need for smartphone photographers. Salivating over the potential iPhone 8? It’s best to wait and let Moment wow us later in the fall with a case specific to it.

Moment Kickstarter

The company has a funding goal of $500,000, and with 57 days remaining, it’s blitzing past $250,000. It’ll get the cash with ease. Moment is established and hitting delivery timeframes should not be an issue.

Pricing for the photo case is $25 with a June delivery date. A battery case will set you back $79 and should hit your mailbox in July. A starter kit including the photo case and one lens is priced at $105, while the battery starter kit is $159.

Want it all? $299 gets you the photo case, three lenses, caps, and a travel case. Upgrade to the battery case for $349. Ship dates for the kits are the same as the standalone cases – June for the photo and July for the battery case.

Head over to the campaign page to learn more about Moment’s iPhone 7 line of cases.

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