$725 for a pen and notebook? It sounds crazy, but it’s Montblanc. Writing aficionados and people who like badass pens are buzzing about the new Montblanc Augmented Paper and Pen notebook at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin.

Yeah, it’s a luxury item marketed to professionals who need to blitz an expense account. The basic premise is the company has reworked the StarWalker pen and an Italian notebook made in Florence to digitize your notes using electromagnetic resonance.

Ever used a Wacom tablet? Similar tech. The pen last eight hours on a single charge and can store 100 pages in its internal memory if you happen to be away from your smartphone. Not sure how often that happens these days, but nice feature. Sync the pen to the Montblanc Hub App to store or share them however you want. The company is claiming “best-in-class handwriting recognition” but obviously, they’ve never seen my handwriting.

The price is steep until you compare it to the $1,085 stylus from the company. You can get a similar option from LiveScribe at one hell of a discount, and it accomplishes the same thing. Think of it like smartwatches. First, it’s all about hitting 10,000 steps. Now the higher tier is being billed as luxury items. It was bound to happen with smart pens.

Montblanc Augmented Paper Release

Before you head to Amazon, hang on. The set will release as a Harrod’s London exclusive in the UK. In October the company will launch it globally in the US, Singapore, Canada and Hong Kong. China, Japan, Mexico, UAE and Taiwan will see the set land in high-end retailers in November.

Don’t want to wait? LiveScribe has a similar set for $169 on Amazon complete with a smartpen portfolio and hardbound journal. Buyers also grab an Evernote Premium subscription for a year. Yep, I’ll dream of the Montblanc, but stick with a more reasonable LiveScribe package.

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