Good news for those making a living off Instagram. Your toolset just expanded. The photo-sharing app is adding Fade and Color to your filters. Android gets the update first, and iOS should have it in the next few days.

It’s not just creative features being added to Instagram. The community has been wanting post notifications, so post notifications they get.

The feature will allow you to get alerts about activity from people they follow. Good news is this feature is optional. You will have to activate it, and you can deactivate it. Who wants to stare at your friend’s beach photos while you are stuck in a cubicle?

Just please Instagram, don’t go Snapchat and start assigning emojis to our most liked Instagram followers.

instagram new features

New Instagram Tools

Both tools are self-explanatory, but here are the high points.

Fade can turn your shot into that aged film look. It’s completely adjustable, so your Starbucks can look as old as you want.

See a cool sunset? Why not filter it? Enter Color. You can overlay elements of your photos with eight colors. Options include green, blue, cyan, yellow, orange, purple, pink and red.

The two tools are designed to augment the five new filters released in December. As with all filters, moderation is the key. Your photo after a hike shouldn’t look like you just had a stroke while adjusting saturation.

instagram post notifications

iOS users with auto-app updates should see the feature pop in within the next few days. Instagram had to show Android some love and hand them access first.

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