It’s the home stretch of waiting on the official Nikon mirrorless camera announcement, but why wait when anyone can post rumors. Hey, who doesn’t love a little speculation in their life? It certainly makes for an entertaining comment section.

We know the official announcement is August 23rd and Nikon will be releasing two mirrorless bodies dubbed the Z6 and Z7 alongside a few dedicated lenses. Don’t ignore video, Nikon. For the love of the camera gods, don’t ignore video.

The next three days will be jammed with rumors and probably more than one corporate slip up. You can check out the evolution of the Nikon mirrorless rumors on News Ledge (1, 2). It’s like the iPhone. Apple pulls out the stops to prevent leaks, and then they end up accidentally leaking the whole thing.

The latest comes out of a Chinese forum, Xitek:

“Just spoken to a franchise director at LCE, apparently Thursday will be a very exciting day indeed. The adapter for the new mirrorless camera will pretty much be free when bought with either model, and the adaptor will make up to 400 lenses compatible, so that’ll make all lenses with either electronic or mechanical apertures compatible.

The sensor will be better than the D850 owing to how they’ve constructed the diodes and the way it’s capturing more light, and the new range of lenses will have fresnel elements to give an ‘effective’ larger aperture (so I was told a 1.8 will be marketed as 1.8 but behaves like a 1.4, and be tiny) much like their new 300mm that shrunk.

Pre-orders coming Thursday to ship mid-November.”

Here’s hoping it won’t have the same supply problems as the D850. Beginning to think it’s a damn unicorn at this point. Take the above with more than a few grains of salt. First of all, the adapter should be free. Making the adapter a separate cost, no matter how inexpensive, creates grumbles the company doesn’t need.

Mirrorless Wars?

Expect plenty of the following videos to start popping up on YouTube in the coming days. Chelsea and Tony Northrup sat down for a fireside chat of sorts for what will be the upcoming mirrorless battle between camera manufacturers.

One quibble with Tony’s Venn diagram is where he places Fujifilm. I agree wholeheartedly Fuji has a market with APS-C, but let’s not ignore the company’s push into medium format.

Tony’s prediction Nikon stays away from diving deep into video is hopefully misplaced. The amount of pushback Nikon would receive will be intense if they leave out professional video features. Canon is ready if they decide to offer 4K video thanks to its Dual-Pixel AF. But Canon has to offer it in a camera which doesn’t cost a fortune. The EOS M50 doesn’t count.

Another point he makes is the shrinking camera market as a whole. It’s here I think most observers are ignoring a glaring example of a market written off as one to never grow again. And that’s the PC market. Analysts wrote it off as one which would continue to decline.

Think pieces of the death of the PC dismissed gaming as too niche, too parents’ basement-ish. Consoles, tablets, and smartphones would replace the PC much like smartphones are supposed to kill the DSLR or MILCs (mirrorless interchangeable lens camera). The same charts today showing the fall in shipments can be replicated a decade ago with PC shipments. Hell, the PC drop off was more pronounced.

It doesn’t mean Tony and countless others are wrong manufacturers will be fighting over a small market. My take is the industry is one ‘killer-app’ away from pulling off the same renaissance computers are enjoying today. And that may be coalescing around mirrorless. DSLR hardliners may hate the idea, but if it grew the market, the dominant market segment would become niche, and what company doesn’t love a niche who will spend serious cash?

Definitely worth considering as Nikon and Canon push into the full-frame mirrorless market.

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