The best way to guarantee you get to your destination is letting Morgan Freeman guide you.

Oh yeah, the voice of God, the President, Red, etc. is now on your phone. Waze has put him into its GPS app. Let that smooth voice take you home. Maybe a side trip to Zihuatanejo. Or even through the streets of London.

Wait, London? The Morgan Freeman setting inside Waze is a direct marketing tie-in for London Has Fallen, the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. Battle road rage by listening to his Vice President Turnbull character.

Hey, money has to be made. Who cares how it happens? We get Morgan Freeman giving us turn-by-turn directions. If you want to be silly about it, have him take the wheel and send you to the nearest theater to catch London Has Fallen.

Morgan Freeman GPS voice and London has Fallen

And cue the onslaught of YouTube videos with people doing exactly this.

Morgan Freeman GPS

Need him helping you avoid traffic snarls? Download the Waze app. Open it up and head to Settings > Sound > Voice Language > Morgan Freeman.

It’s been a long time in coming. Waze announced via a blog post that Freeman was easily the most requested celebrity voice among drivers. And why not? Is there a more instantly recognizable voice in the world?

Sorry, Siri. It’s not that you don’t get me, I’d rather have Morgan Freeman taking me home. No more dreading long commutes. Take the next right in 500 feet sounds so much better coming from Freeman.

Though, he will always be Red to me. Is there a better movie than Shawshank? If you have the Waze app, the update has you covered. For those lacking, the iOS App Store and Google Play have you covered.

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