This Morning’s Lunar Eclipse Was Amazing. Here’s the Photos to Prove It
lunar eclipse featured

If you were an early riser this morning, you were greeted with an incredible view of the moon. The total lunar eclipse started at 5:15 am ET and gave people around the world a breathtaking look at the moon.

As the total lunar eclipse took hold of the moon, it glowed red. This happens as the tiny amount of light hitting the moon is filtered through the Earth’s atmosphere.

Missed it? I gathered a few of the best photos circling the internet. If you have any, send them my way and I’ll include them in the post.

lunar eclipse 1
John Leyba / The Denver Post

lunar eclipse 2
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

lunar eclipse 3
Mark Wilson / Getty Images

lunar eclipse 4
Aly Song / Reuters

lunar eclipse 5
Toru Hanai / Reuters

You can also check out NASA’s Flickr group to see more awesome photos from this morning’s eclipse.

We’ll be waiting a while for the next lunar eclipse. A partial one will occur next April, with a total one happening next September. Fans of solar eclipses will want to turn their eyes, safely of course, to the sun in a couple of weeks on October 23.

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