We’ve seen plenty of brutal X-ray moves and fatalities in Mortal Kombat X. Today, NetherRealm Studios talks a bit more about the game modes coming in the next entry of the Mortal Kombat series.

Your typical modes are all here. Story, 1v1 ranked, Survival, Test Your Luck, etc. Some of these modes come together into a feature called ‘Living Towers.’

Living Towers are dynamic towers than can change day-to-day, and even hourly. Here’s a screenshot of the Living Towers from the trailer. Note the objectives in the bottom left, plus the leaderboards (‘standing’).

Living Towers Mortal Kombat X

Here’s how Ed Boon describes Mortal Kombat X’s story. “We want players to feel like they are in this universe. They are seeing the story evolve With Mortal Kombat X’s span of the story is actually 25 years.”

Director of Art Steve Beran says the story mode in Mortal Kombat X is “a blockbuster movie within a game.”

Faction War lets you pick from one of five factions – Lin Kuei, Black Dragon, White Lotus, Special Forces and Brotherhood of Shadow. The Faction War is described as a persistent metagame. Faction Wars will start fresh every week. Completing certain challenges will help the faction you have picked. The trailer highlights some of these: Perform 10 XRAYs, Perform 10 Throws, Perform 10 Fatalities.

Faction War Mortal Kombat X

Man, Mortal Kombat X is looking and sounding like one of 2015’s best games. Here’s to good netcode bringing it all together.

Tell me what you think of these new features.


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