What is the make or break industry of wearables? Fitness. Or, well being. The problem is you cannot shoehorn enough features onto your wrist to track what you want. Plus, you have to have your phone on you anyways.

Enter the Kickstarter campaign for Moscase. It takes ambition and cranks it to 11. Ever wanted a device that tracks more than steps? Of course. You walked ‘X’ amount of steps. Ok, so what?

Trust me, if you have iPhone 6 Plus, you need a case. Why not have a case that actually does more?

Smartphones are becoming increasingly more powerful, so the concept of Moscase makes sense. Why should you have to buy a watch or a wrist band? If you have a nice watch, are you going to replace it with an Apple Watch or another wearable? Maybe for certain parts of your day.

Moscase Sensors

The sensors are where Moscase shines. No more just tracking steps. Optical sensors are included in the case to measure O2 saturation and your heart rate. This sensor will work by measuring the motions in your finger’s arteries.

A heat sensor. Used to measure your body temperature it actually can measure temps from 32 degrees to 212 degrees. If you hit those two, you don’t have to worry about your health. Just make sure your life insurance premium is paid.

Impedance sensors. Moscase happily trumpets this feature. The company says the sensors were created from scratch to measure your body fat percentage, stress level and bioresonance. It works by sending small electromagnetic current through your body.

moscase impedance

Before you flip out and think your iPhone just turned into a torture device, the current is small and painless.

Hardware and Style

While most wearables work off Bluetooth, the Moscase is designed to connect via the lighting connector for increased speed. Design wise, the case is no bigger than your third-party iPhone case. You already have a phablet, so you may as well get the most out of it.


Colors are dependent on the Kickstarter campaign. The company wants to to an initial run of eight, but the number will probably be cut to four.

Moscase and iOS

It wouldn’t be much of a fitness case without an app. The company has it integrated with the variety of sensors to monitor your progress and offer up health tips. Yeah, the app might be telling you to stay away from the buffet. It’s just looking out.

Importing health information from Apple Health and other popular fitness/health apps is also planned.

Modular Plans

You may have noticed the case lacks a backplate. The company wanted to extend the case with additional sensors and options via the backplate. Need more battery life? There’s a backplate for that.

moscase backplates

Had too much to drink? How about a breathalyzer backplate? Other first generation backplates include a solar collector to charge your phone and an e-paper screen for reading notifications and articles.

Moscase Kickstarter

Pledging to Kickstarter involves patience. The case will not be delivered until October, as the company works on developing the app and backplates. The bumper case is already in the prototype stage.

Backplates? That’s dependent on how successful the campaign is. A benefit of crowdfunding is the ideas that flow between the consumer and the company. Sensors and features that haven’t been thought of could be pushed to the top of the first run.

Below are the pledge levels and what perks Moscase offers.

moscase rewards kickstarter


  • Features high quality materials and premium tactile feel
  • Offers protection that meets Apple requirements
  • We’ve kept battery usage to a minimum so you’ll barely notice the difference
  • Doesn’t interfere with your phone’s speaker or microphone
  • Made in the EU
  • US Patent pending

Is the case ambitious? Definitely. Looks and functionality all bundled into one.

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