Wait, was that an email buzz? Did someone just tweet me? A like on my latte art? We live in a world of too many notifications. if you’re like me, you constantly drag your phone out of your pocket to check it.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just have the ringer on? For one, I don’t like the sound of a ringer. Two, I’m going to maintain it’s perpetually broken.

Enter Mota. It’s a smart ring for your smartphone. There hasn’t been a viable smartwatch yet, and I can’t remember the last time I actually wore a watch anyways. The idea behind the Mota SmartRing is something small that gets the notification to you.

If you know you have an important email on the way, this will keep you informed. The ring doesn’t offer features you don’t need. It just keeps you from being that person that checks the phone like a manic OCD.

Features include a LED touchscreen powered by Bluetooth LE – so you will need a phone with this feature. Subtle vibrations let you know on your next like or text message.

How you explain constantly looking at your hand is your problem. Mota just wants you to leave your phone in your pocket for once. Check out the video below. Preorders are happening now for $99.99.

Availability is set for June 2015 – just in time for summer.


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