Ah, the good ole days. Walking to school uphill in the snow. Both ways… Nah, the days of the flip phone. Prepare to feel old and have Motorola rub it in with the relaunch of the RAZR series.

Who doesn’t miss the satisfying slap of closing the phone after an irritating phone call? It beats button mashing the hell out of an iPhone to have it ignore you and not end the call.

Bring it back. Though can current screen technology take that kind of abuse? The constant opening and closing. The oddly placed volume buttons. Hell yeah, go for it Motorola. And we get the ‘Hello, Moto’ too? Hey, if Hollywood can make a Lethal Weapon and Macgyver show, we deserve a cool flip phone.

The good news? It doesn’t look like the 1980s. The bad news? That was all of us in high school and college. Who doesn’t like a walk down memory lane? Thanks, Motorola.

2004 and Motorola RAZR

The year the Motorola RAZR graced us with its presence.

George W. Bush was our president. It’s fun to glance over the history of 2004. He actually proposed his space program initiative that year that was deemed a political maneuver to divert attention away from the Iraq War. Today? We have SpaceX.

Google went public that year creating instant billionaires out of Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Sorry, Motorola. It wasn’t known at the time, but they were coming for you.

For the budding mobile industry, it was the launch of RAZR V3. Didn’t have it? You weren’t one of the cool people. Who remembers waiting until the evening and weekends to not eat into the minutes of your mobile plan. That’s right kids. People used to talk on phones.

What’s Motorola Planning?

Ok, nostalgia aside, is Motorola seriously reviving the flip phone? Do people want a flip phone? On June 9, the company is certainly reviving the RAZR line, but it’s unclear if it’ll be a throwback to yesteryear.

We live in a phablet world. The iPhone keeps packing on size alongside Samsung’s line up. HD screens. VR headsets. Touchscreen everything. The ad Motorola released damn near hems the company into a flip phone.

If there isn’t one, will we all walk away disappointed on June 9 no matter what the company reveals? Come on Motorola. Roll the dice. Let’s slam the phone shut again. Tapping a button just doesn’t have that therapeutic effect.

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