Video options are damn near limitless today. If you want to shoot video, your phone probably shoots higher quality than your expensive camcorder you bought a few years back. Yeah, the one that sits in the corner gathering dust.

It’s the nature of the beast. Options are never-ending and extremely portable. But, there’s one glaring issue unless you’re a video production team. We are only shooting with one camera. Say you’re filming your kid’s game, at a concert or any event. That one camera angle gets boring.

Hello Movi

Enter Movi. Livestream’s answer to a multi-camera setup without the multiple cameras. Wait, what? Launching at CES this year, Movi is designed to create the illusion you are using multiple cameras.

All in a pocket-sized device. For $400. Preorders are available for $199 with the ship date in April.

Ok, I want one. Actually, I want more than one, but the Livestream is keeping it simple to start. Only one camera will be supported at launch, but multiple camera support is in the works.

It is starting with one to avoid consumer confusion. Livestream and Movi want to hammer home the point you only need one to create the illusion of multiple cameras.

The Movi weighs in at 4.6 ounces and stands just 2.5 inches tall. Video is shot in 4K, but outputs in 720p. That’s an important distinction. It’s the 4K sensor that allows for the illusion. The smart editing on the fly allows you to crop in and give that cutting effect.

Movi camera features

For live streaming, it works. 720p with the ability to cut in real time? I can see this being huge for press events or even protests where a one-person crew is trying to create something that feels more professional.

I wish it could bump to 1080p, but I get the technical limitations. Having two cameras would solve the issue, but dilute the marketing.

Battery life is another problem for anything portable. The standalone Movi can shoot around an hour of footage. Want an extra ten? The Movi Pro comes with the Movi Boost power pack. The pre-order price is set at $399. That will jump to $599 as it moves closer to launch.

Audiophile? It has a stereo mic, but you can use your iPhone for additional sound options. There are plenty of iOS ready mics to choose from to capture professional-esque sound.

Movi and iOS

Of course, the thing uses your phone. The idea is not to spend hours in Adobe editing a piece. The iOS app will allow you to zero in on faces and other points of interest.

Notice the focus on iOS? If you’re an Android fan, close your eyes. It is launching on iOS first, and Movi isn’t providing details on when an Android capable app will release.

In a perfect world, it would be on all devices and support 1080p. But, it’ll just have to get there. Livestream and Movi are looking at the live stream space. Video quality can take a hit when we are all used garbage quality. 720p will look like a miracle when we are trying to catch breaking news events.

Movi’s pre-order page is live today. For $199, it’s a deal. The $399 package is something you’ll want to look hard at if you plan on using it on a regular basis. I want the multi-camera support to see if it can boost the output to 1080p.


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