Crocodile Dundee would be jealous. The creator of Ultimate Survival Tips has thrown his hat in the growing market of survival knives. If the world goes to hell and you can only pick one survival knife, David wants you to grab an MSK-1 (multi-scenario knife).

That’s great David, but if the world goes full Mad Max, what do you say I just follow you around? Hit the easy button on making sure the zombies don’t get me.

It wouldn’t be a survival Kickstarter without a great video. David doesn’t disappoint.

Yeah, that’s a nuke exchange in the first three seconds. Michael Bay would be proud. Plenty of chopping, fire starting, paracord, etc. Enough to drive my mom nuts when my dad finds this Kickstarter.

MSK-1 Knife Specs

It’s not enough to be just a knife. David has been working on the MSK-1 since 2014 to make it the complete survival knife. Perfect for the bug out bag or if you want a solid knife.

features of the msk-1 survival knife

For those needing the specs:

  • Full tang, fixed blade, fine edge
  • Blade material: D2 high carbon, semi-stainless, tool steel
  • Blade thickness: 0.25 inches (0.64 centimeters)
  • Handle material: Canvas micarta
  • Blade length: 4.6 inches (11.7 centimeters)
  • Overall length: 11.3 inches (28.6 centimeters)
  • Weight: 15.8 ounces (478 grams)
  • Handle survival kit
  • Switchback ACS 2-in-1 sheath system: Ballistic Nylon and Kydex
  • Made in the USA with American Materials

Not enough for you? Good, because there’s more. Inside the handle is a complete survival kit. Granted, the idea is the knife gets you to you hideout spot, not for you to set out into the wilderness and live indefinitely.

survival kit on msk-1 knife

  • 1.5″ Mini Fire Steel Rod: Quick emergency fire starting
  • 2 Waterproof FAT (First Aid Tinder) Packs: For starting fires, bandaid, disinfecting wounds
  • 3 Ranger Bands: Secure gear and extend the burn time of your tinder for fire starting
  • 20′ of 50 lb. Line: Fishing, snares, mending gear or emergency wound stitching
  • 1 Magnetized Sewing Needle: Navigation, or patching gear
  • 3 Hooks and Sinkers: Fishing
  • 2 Two Safety Pins: Emergency gear repair
  • 1 Liter Fire Resistant Food Grade Bag: Collect and purify water

My favorite part of the MSK-1? The sheath. David is spot on with manufacturers developing solid blades but treating the sheath as an afterthought. The MSK-1 comes complete with two sheaths in one – Kydex and nylon.

The switchback ACS allows you to carry the MSK-1 any way you want. Pack? Done. Drop leg? Go for it. You’ll be the baddest looking nomad in our village when the world goes crazy.

MSK-1 Kickstarter

Already past its $15,000 goal, David and his team are enjoying a six-figure crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The MSK-1 pledge tiers still have a few early bird specials priced at $279. From there, it bumps up to $319.

Rather have a smaller version? The MSK-1 Mini is being developed alongside the flagship knife, and pledge tiers start at $99.

Shipping for both starts in September, with the pledges rolling out in waves. 200 in September, all the MSK1 Minis in October and 300 flagship knives. Depending on order volume, The Ultimate Survival Tips team plans to have all the knives in the hands of backers by December.

Learn more about the development of the MSK-1 on the campaign page and check out David’s YouTube channel on everything survival and prepping.

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