It is good to know that Guerilla Games is finally entering peak Killzone. Maybe Sony will finally decide to make a true triple-A shooter for the Playstation brand. The new DLC comes with a variety of ‘comedic spotlight’ moves. You can fart and ‘plank’ in-game.

How much will this set you back? $2. Yeah, it’s the kind of purchase you make on a whim, but this is one you want to avoid. Don’t encourage stupidity among the ranks of game developers. The microtransaction economy has arrived on consoles, but the gaming community should vote with their virtual wallets and walk away this time.

Here’s the description of what $2 gets you.

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses a game. (Or so they say). Show your fallen enemies, not everything need be taken seriously. This pack contains Fart, Planking and Comedy spotlight moves.”

If this type of economy is here to stay, then quality trumps quantity everyday. Hell, seeing as Guerrilla Games has the time on their hands, add in Tebowing and Lebroning. Added value and such.

Junk DLC is going to become a problem in the industry rather quickly. Everyone sees the earnings Take-Two garnered from GTA V’s micro-economy and are wanting to shoehorn any possible transactions to extend the business life of the game.

I get the answering to shareholders and executives, but if you want gamers on your side, don’t play to the least common denominator. We are a smarter community than that. Developers knows this and most of the time respect it.

So, when you see DLC that is just a blatant money grab, it’s time to let your money do the talking. Force them into quality releases. If not, we may wake up one day to an industry rife with $60 titles that include the freemium models of iOS and Android.


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