A Must See. Fergie Performing and Steve Ballmer Doing Something….
steve ballmer dancing

Well, this is something. Dad dancing or is Steve Ballmer having a medical emergency? I guess we have to lean towards this is him dad dancing. It is both incredible and cringe-inducing.

Let’s set the scene. Your normal Clippers-Lakers game at Staples and Fergie is performing between quarters. So, she starts out and Steve is playing it cool, maybe clapping like drugged Les Miles, but still in the realm of normal behavior – mildly embarassing.

And then something snaps in Steve Ballmer’s mind. Maybe those Microsoft options didn’t exercise, he’s pissed he didn’t buy Golden State or something else. Whatever blood vessel blocked off sent him into a fit of dad dancing. Talking full rage, get this man a mosh pit style.

Steve Ballmer dancing to Fergie performance at Lakers-Clippers

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Steve Ballmer dancing to Fergie. Enjoy, Internet.

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Amazing, right? The Internet needs something to meme. Go figure a Clippers-Lakers game provided it.

You have to feel for his three sons. Granted, if your dad owned an NBA team, that’s a free pass to dad-out all the hell he wants. Just leave the keys for the yacht on the dining room table.

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