Too much product is never a good thing. Especially when it comes to your hair. What if I told you there was a service that offered on demand haircuts? Take the red pill and jump down the rabbit hole.

MyBarber is an app that connects you with the best barber in town. Haircuts on your schedule. You know you’ve groaned at having to set an appointment like it’s a dentist. Raise your hand if you canceled those more often than you floss each year.

There has to be a better way. We need an app dammit.

MyBarber is the Uber of Haircuts

I know, I know. Uber this, Uber that. But, in the case of MyBarber, the comparison fits. Pull up the app, select a barber and go. The MyBarber team is building the Uber of haircuts. Oh, don’t forget to tip your barber. And your Uber driver. The tip isn’t included no matter what Uber marketing says.

The MyBarber app will immediately connect you with the best barbers in your area. Travelling on business? Look up reviews in-app and set a time that works for you.

Paying? It’s 2016. Embrace technology. Development on the app will include a payment system that takes advantage of the latest in mobile payments. Chris is looking after me because I’m terrible about keeping cash on me. I’m almost positive I was the target customer for whoever invented debit cards and now mobile payments.

Feeling old-school and like the bundle of cash in your pocket? Use the app to set and manage your appointments.

[divider]What’s in a Name?[/divider]

It’s all about a personalized experience. Find the barber(s) right for you and the people behind the chair reward your customer loyalty with high-quality service. The ability to share the best spots to get your haircuts helps everyone involved.

MyBarber app for haircuts

We get to avoid walking into an overcrowded ‘chain’ offering haircuts, and the quality barbers get access to more clientele. Win-win.

MyBarber Indiegogo

Christopher and his team are looking for $10,000 to polish the development of the app and give it the launch it deserves. Here’s the breakdown of where the $10,000 will be spent:

  • Further customize the pre-released version of our App
  • Connect with and thoroughly research the barbers we invite to our platform
  • Market our service to those who can benefit, while also helping us grow
  • Pay for extra costs related to the campaign – such as delivery and processing
  • Cover expenses from launching across the U.S., and other start-up costs

Perks for the campaign are central to the push. A $40 pledge gets you $50 in MyBarber credit for haircuts, bookings and other products the company plans to offer.

Want to know what it takes to be a celebrity hairstylist? A $97 pledge gets you a seat in Kim Kimble’s February webinar on her journey and what it takes to succeed in the industry.

If you want an inside look of becoming a barber or a stylist, the perk list for MyBarber reads like an education into the industry. Me? I’ll enjoy the ability to schedule haircuts right from an app.

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