**Update (3/7/2016)** Sad weekend for Mythbusters fan. After 14 years, the show aired its series finale. Included in the finale was a special goodbye from President Obama. 

In a reunion special, Discovery reunited the five hosts – Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara – to talk about the best moments of the show. Other tributes came in from Vince Gilligan, James Cameron, and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Hell of a run, and we will all miss the crazy antics of the show. 

Well, this isn’t a myth. Mythbusters fan favorites Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara have been let go from the popular Discovery Channel show. The reason hasn’t been given, but rumors are swirling that Discovery executives were getting concerned over the cost of Mythbusters.

The next season will see Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman return as the show’s only hosts. Kari sent out a series of tweets about the news. “I guess you guys are finding out the news right about now. After a decade of the MythBusters, we are no longer with the show. Thank you to all the fans who have supported us. The show is taking a new direction. It was an amazing run. I learned so much about myself and the world. I love you all @MythBusters. I am sad for an ending but there will be exciting new adventures for us.”

The official Mythbusters account was gracious in announcing their exit, thanking them for the wonderful run.

Tory continued the feel-good sentiments, expressing gratitude towards the fans and Discovery.

Grant followed the trio and mentioned what the team was known for. Blowing things up.

Now, what comes next? The trio is popular and there are plenty of networks that could stand an exciting science show. Some rumors have popped up about a possible History Channel show, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

The news was announced at the end of this season’s season finale. Discovery has also put together a retrospective of the three exiting members. Plenty of awesome science moments for Discovery.

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