Another fitness tracker?

Naked is the latest in a string of connected fitness trackers. But this one has a weighty twist.

According to the company, it is the world’s first home body scanner. We all hear the mantra that we shouldn’t live by the numbers on the scale. That’s true, but you want to see what type of progress we’re making.

How can you combine the numbers on the scale with pictures to measure the impact of the latest diet or fitness regime? Tony Horton, you’re an evil bastard, but I love you.


Three systems work together to give a complete picture of your body’s measurement, weight and body fat %.

In a serious technical coup, Naked employs a full-length mirror to act as the scanner. Embedded in the mirror are Intel Real3D Depth Sensors to create the custom model. Powering the system is a Quad-Core Intel processor (Atom X5) backed with 2GB of DDR3 RAM.

Lifestyle shot of Naked system in bedroom

Anyone else shaking their head at the fact a mirror has the same amount of RAM as the latest iPhone. Not sure if that’s depressing or amazing.

Design is front and center of Naked’s push into the fitness tracking space. The mirror screams modern with a sleek look and matte black frame. To save space, the mirror leans against an open wall in your bedroom or bathroom to save space. Naked employs a toggle on the back to ensure the a correct scanning angle.

Smart Scale

While the mirror contains the sensor, it is the scale where the magic happens. It acts as a turntable for the 3D scan. And don’t worry if you want it in a carpeted bedroom. The weight sensors are internal, allowing it to work on both hard floors and carpeting.

Naked 3D fitness

When the battery starts to wane, push the turntable/scale against the mirror for wireless charging.

Data With a Side of Fitness Data

Come on. You knew there was going to be an app. Naked’s approach to the tracking app is unique. Rather than numbers on a graph, you can instantly timelapse your fitness journey.

heat map features on Naked fitness

During the journey, it will immediately reflect fat loss and muscle growth through heat map highlights. Now there’s some serious motivation. Get those muscle areas growing. It also opens the door for Naked to gamify the journey. A fitness community coupled with 3D scans? It opens up the door to all sorts of possibilities.

Naked bedroom lifestlye

Price and Pre-Orders

Unfortunately, patience will be needed for those ordering today and the March 2017 ship date. The company is offering a steep discount off the MSRP of $999. Those that order during the pre-order period can have the complete system for $550 (includes shipping).

One protection for consumers is this is a pre-order campaign and not crowdfunding. Want a refund in six months? You get it. Refunds will be available until the product ships. It’s peace of mind for everyone wanting to get Naked next year.

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