NASA is giving space fans one sweet gift this morning. Originally commissioned for the Kennedy Space Center’s Visitor Complex, the space agency is releasing its Mars recruitment posters for everyone to download.

Come on, NASA. Have a bit of fun and make these official recruitment posters. Then again, who needs a recruitment drive when anyone that has ever looked up at night wants to head to Mars. Hell, I hate flying but sign me up for some deep space action.

NASA wants you

Eight posters are available to display in your house. Feeling like an explorer? NASA has a poster for you. Watch The Martian an exorbitant amount of times like me? There’s a farmer recruitment poster that would make Mark Watney proud.

farmers wanted on mars

Matt Damon would have enjoyed a tomato or two while listening to disco.

There is something for everyone in the collection. Each file is available as a JPG or TIF at 30 x 48 inches at full scale. Head down to a print shop or online and have a poster printed and framed.

factory workers on mars

exploring mars with NASA

NASA wants you

Night shift workers for Mars

Technicians on Mars NASA poster

teaching on Mars with NASA

Surveying the Mars

NASA wants you to hammer away on their servers, so get to downloading and share how you use the posters in your home, school or business. Me?

Well, I watched The Martian again last night. It’s time to grab the farmer poster and possibly have potatoes tonight in solidarity with Watney.

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