Mother Nature’s grip on Hawaii is a strong one. As residents of the island prepare for two hurricanes, a 4.5 earthquake struck northwest of the Big Island this morning.

According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, some areas may have felt some shaking, but no tsunami is expected. I’m sure it shook some nerves of some already worried residents. Thankfully, there have been no reports of damage or injuries from this morning’s earthquake.

“We have a hurricane. Now we have this on top of it. What else?” Kelsey Walker told the AP.

Two hurricanes will impact Hawaii in the coming days. Hurricane Iselle, a category 1, is expected to hit this evening local time. Iselle is located about 300 miles southeast of Hilo. The storm is expected to pack winds gusting up to 90 mph and heavy rains which lead to your usual problems with landfalling tropical storms, flash flooding. Tropical storm conditions will spread to Oahu and Kauai on Friday.

Hurricane Iselle track

Hurricane Julio is located about 1,340 miles to the east of Hilo. Julio strengthened overnight to a category 2 storm and is packing winds of 100 mph. Forecasters believe Julio will strengthen a bit more over the next 36 hours before weakening. There is good news for Hawaii residents, though. Julio is expected to pass north of the islands this weekend. Check out the official track below.

Hurricane Julio track

Hurricane Iselle is expected to maintain its hurricane status when it makes landfall later today. it will be the first time Hawaii has received a direct hit from a hurricane in 22 years.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has already signed an emergency proclamation allowing officials access to the state’s disaster fund.