I would ask how NBC plans on screwing up the Taken franchise, but I made the mistake of watching Taken 3. The bar is set low; the series can only build upon the franchise in which Liam Neeson discovered he could become rich by beating the shit out of Eastern European gangsters.

The premise behind the series is simple. How did Bryan Mills, the title character in Taken, learn those ‘particular set of skills’ of always letting a family member get kidnapped. Luckily, we get to find out.

NBC is going with a bit of time fudging by setting the series in the present. Byran Mills will be young and without his easily kidnapped family as he embarks on CIA missions. Being a network show, this has all the trappings of being boring as hell, unless they can pull off a Blacklist clone.

James Spader is a badass and the only person I can think of that can wear a hat and not look like a hipster. Plus, he’s Daniel Jackson from Stargate.

Unfortunately, Neeson is not attached to the project, but the creator of the series, Luc Besson, is. I’m debating if that’s a good or a bad thing. If it skews towards the first Taken, it’ll be great. The third movie? Ehh, apologies in advance NBC.

Movies Reimagined for TV

Taken isn’t the only movie being reimagined for television. Networks have invaded Hollywood to juice their fall lineups. CBS has Limitless and Rush Hour, Galaxy Quest will be on Amazon Prime Instant Video, Minority Report on Fox and Urban Cowboy and Fatal Attraction are both in the development stage.

The CW has picked up a series based on the Nicholas Sparks book-to-movie, The Notebook. ABC is looking at series based on Uncle Buck, and MTV has adaptations of Scream and Teen Wolf.

Nice to see originality still reigns supreme at TV networks…

Personally, I’m not against the Taken TV series. I think it deserves a shot on a different network. FX comes to mind immediately. Cinemax seems to love this genre and with Strike Back going off the air, a Taken series would have filled the void perfectly.

Taken was known for its action and violence. It’s hard to see NBC allowing that type of the action on the small screen. Then again, Blacklist straddles the line quite well. Maybe NBC can do the same.

Good luck…


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