If you want a successful Kickstarter, it helps to have the backing of Apple executives, Google (Alphabet) employees and almost the entirety of Silicon Valley.

Meet Nebia, the spa-like shower system you can completely self-install. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all HGTV on your house. The company is keeping it simple.

And stylish. Beyond stylish…

Ok, a new showerhead. What makes it special? Nebia works by taking the traditional flow of water out of a showerhead and atomizing into million of droplets. You get up to 10 times more coverage area, getting you that much cleaner.

nebia shower in action

How does it work? Well, it’s coming from the land of tech. You know serious computing is involved. The team at Nebia used computational fluid dynamics software to model the system’s fluid mechanics and thermal flow.

Said another way, it uses less water and keeps you warmer. It’ll make you yearn to park under the shower all morning. There goes the less water used. I already love a hot shower; now you want to envelop me in a warm blanket of mist?

Sign me up.

Nebia Water Savings

The industry standard for a showerhead is around 2.5 gpm. Nebia? It clocks in at 0.75 gpm. Say you live in California and have a family of four. It would save 21 thousand gallons a year and put $397 back in your wallet.

If the entire state were outfitted with the system, the savings would be 203 billion gallons per year with $3.9 billion back into the economy.

Not bad.

In addition to the water savings, the thermal profile means it is more energy efficient than the shower head you rock every morning. All that hot water comes at the expense of your monthly power bill. Nebia is 13 times more effective at delivering the water to your body instead of down the drain.


Yeah, I’m a card carrying member of the buy anything that looks cool society. The team at Nebia has it in spades. The bracket the system mounts on is made of anodized aluminum.

You don’t have to crack your bathroom tile to set it up. Attach the water supply and the internal channel gets the water where it needs to be. It can adjust up or down 27 inches.

nebia shower complete view

The shower head is made from a polymer with thermoplastic polyurethane. It handles all the H2MICRO nozzles. It rotates up to 45 degrees, and the nozzles are designed for all hair types. Including pet hair.

For the wand, it’s designed for lefties and righties. Docking on the bracket will allow you to have it on along with the showerhead. It’ll give you that multi-jet feeling without the price of a multi-jet shower.

Nebia Kickstarter

The initial funding goal was $100,000, but that’s come and gone. It stands well north of $500,000 and ticks up every second.

Pricing for the system starts at $299 as the Kickstarter special and a family pack selling for $799. They tested the system at Equinox gyms, so if you want to outfit your health club, you can get 40 systems for $10,000.

It’s Kickstarter, so think of it as a preorder. You’ll be waiting a bit pledging during the campaign. Delivery estimates have it shipping in the Spring 2016.

I’d like to have it in time for winter, but I think I can be patient. Maybe. All that talk of a hot shower mist enveloping me makes me want it via Amazon today.

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