Talk to the hand. No, I mean you can talk to your hand. Nerds rejoice for your day has arrived. Samsung announced the Gear S smart watch today, and it has the ability to make and receive calls. If you thought bobbing your head manically was odd with Google Glass, imagine talking to your hand.

That’s not the only wearable Samsung announced today, trying to jump ahead of Apple and its planned conference. Samsung is pairing the Gear S with what they are calling the Gear Circle accessory. It’s a bluetooth headset that can be worn like a necklace. I never said you should wear it, but you have that option.

samsung gear circle

The Gear S is the latest in Samsung’s throw stuff at the wall approach to smart watches. Technical specs include a 2-inch AMOLED screen, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, a 1Ghz dual-core processor and is water and dust resistant. Resistant being the polite way of say this does not go on your snorkeling trip.

Making calls without a companion smartphone is achieved by connecting to 3G cellular networks. You can mark your calendars down from October for making wrist calls to everyone. You just thought wearing a bluetooth headset made you look weird. Imagine screaming at your wrist.

Battery life manages to stay respectable, with Samsung saying the Gear S can last 2 days with ‘typical use’. Typical use is probably defined as barely using the thing while asleep in a cooler.

As for Apple? They sent out the invites for the iPhone event on September 9. The invite says it wished it could say more. It’s the iPhone event. We all know it, though it would be funny to watch their stock price if it was just a Macbook refresh. CNBC would go full meltdown.

Stay tuned for more news on the Samsung and Apple front as the battle over wearables is heating up.


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