Another day, another mobile game announced. EA has seen success in the mobile market and they are not about to let up on easy money. One of the longest standing racing series is getting a new entry. Need for Speed No Limits will be coming to a mobile device near you in 2015.

No word on exactly when in 2015 we will see it, but we do know who is developing No Limits. Firemonkeys. This studio was responsible for the Real Racing games on iOS and Android.

“We’ll be back soon in the weeks and months ahead with more details about the cars, characters, customization, and more in Need for Speed No Limits. We hope you’ll buckle in and take the ride with us!” Firemonkeys Executive Producer Robert Huebner wrote in a blog post.

The studio partnered with Ken Block to show a few snippets of Need for Speed No Limits.

I have to say, that actually looks pretty good. I know it’s fun to hate on mobile games, but I’m looking forward to this.

It’s not hard to see why EA announced Need for Speed No Limits. In its most recent quarter, the company booked $123 million in mobile revenue. Not bad for games that cost nowhere near that much to make. At least, they shouldn’t.


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