One of the biggest problems with the Xbox One and PS4 is the massive download sizes for digital games. Game downloads are often hitting 50GB. With only 500 GB internal hard drives, it doesn’t take long to fill them up.

A Reddit post from a confirmed Xbox One developer points to external hard drive support coming to the Xbox One. User XboxOneDev posted a photo showing a notification that reads ‘External Drive: External Drive Ready.’

The external drive has about 30% used with 585.9 GB free. That would put the size of it around 830 GB. Factor in space for system files and Xbox One formatting, and it looks like a 1TB hard drive was added.

The developer didn’t go into detail about when the feature is coming but promises “soon.” It’s not too much of a leap to think it will be ready in time for the ‘Games with Gold’ program on Xbox One. Arcade games will highlight the Games with Gold program in June, but subsequent months will probably see the inclusion of some of Xbox One’s launch titles.

Microsoft has promised additional announcements ahead of its E3 conference. Look for the Xbox team to make this news official in the next few days or weeks.

The Playstation 4 faces a similar storage problem. External hard drives aren’t supported, but you can replace the internal hard drive.


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