Director Krennic would approve. Vader? He’s more monochromatic. The Force Awakens did more than blow out box office records. It awoke the fashion industry with various collections. Rogue One is just under two weeks out, and the trend continues with NEFF’s latest collection.

And for those not wanting a giant Darth Vader on their chest, the company is happy to oblige with more subdued Star Wars fandom wares.

Ladies first. The cheapest piece is the Elite Lawrence Beanie at $26, while the most expensive are the $110 Defiance parkas. You can find both at Tillys or at NEFF. Tillys is slightly cheaper and offers a variety of exclusives.

Rogue One NEFF leggings

NEFF Rogue One raglan shirt

NEFF Defiance Parka Rogue One

For the fellas, it’s the same. Hats all the way to the Commander parka. Both can be had at Tillys and NEFF.

Rogue One NEFF hoodie

Rogue One NEFF parka

It’s hard not be impressed by the subtlety of the branding. Not everyone wants to dress up as a Stormtrooper – only on weekends. You can show your fandom and stay stylish. Not saying a Death Trooper costume isn’t stylish, but practical it is not.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story lands in theaters on December 16th.

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