There are nerf guns, and then there’s this beast called the Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K. Or, as I like to call it – ‘the holy sh!$ I want one.’ I guess I’m behind the times on what Nerf is up to these days, but this sucker looks insane.

Six D-sized batteries blast tiny foam balls at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour and around 50 feet away. A big, 100-shot hopper keeps the fun going for a little bit. Want to go all Predator on it and just hold the trigger down? Those 100 soft foam balls will last just half a minute.

You won’t have to carefully reload this sucker, either. Grab a friend, a ton of foam balls and lay down a continuous barrage of fire as you keep dumping foam balls into the hopper.

So, how much does 100 foam rounds of full-auto awesomeness cost? $100 and it’s coming this Fall. I know what I’m getting my nephew for a late birthday present.

We should see much more of the Nemesis at the New York Toy Fair, but why wait? Check out YouTubber LordDraconical going hands-on with it early.

Go ahead, and go down the rabbit-hole of Nerf guns on YouTube. I knew all about Paintball and Airsoft, but I didn’t realize how big a deal Nerf guns were.

Now, just make one that can shoot 100 tennis balls so I can drive my two border collies insane.

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