Net neutrality. What should be cut and dry has quickly turned into a wedge issue. The chief reason? Messaging. Net neutrality is not as clear as proponents need it to be. It’s easy to message against, even with tech titans pushing for it.

The Obama administration has skirted the issue, saying they are for it, but it’s a tacit endorsement. The makeup of the FCC doesn’t exactly instill confidence on the issue. The chairman is a former lobbyist for cable providers.

So, now we wait on one of the most pivotal issues facing the America. Will the Internet be parceled up into the haves and have-nots. Bandwidth hog Netflix is playing both sides of the fence. On one hand, it is very vocal in its support of net neutrality. The other hand? It’s busy writing checks to ISPs for faster access.

The problem with that? Once a company sees the check, it sure as hell doesn’t want to go back to not receiving the checks.

Below is a breakdown of how each political party feels about the issue. The public? It tilts pro-net neutrality, but the polling shows the issue is divisive. For the tech crowd, it’s a wait and see.

The infographic is provided by the site WhoIsHostingThis.

Democrats vs. Republicans: The Battle For Net Neutrality

Democrats vs. Republicans: The Battle For Net Neutrality [Infographic] by the team at Quality Nonsense Ltd


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