Idris Elba has a new home for his latest film, Beasts of No Nation, with Netflix. Instead of opening in both theaters and streaming on Netflix, major chains are boycotting the film, and it may only appear in 250 independent theaters.

Regal, AMC and Cinemark joined together in the boycott after Netflix secured the rights to the film for $12 million. Producer Amy Kaufman stands behind the decision to go with Netflix despite the theater boycott.

“This movie will have the muscle of Netflix behind it,” she said. “It will definitely be seen by a lot more and different kinds of people through Netflix than it would have through a traditional platform.”

“It could be a game changer. This has the potential to change the way people perceive how movies and art are delivered to them.”

Netflix is growing accustomed to poking the proverbial bear. After reaching a deal with IMAX to screen the sequel to Crouching Tiger, AMC and Regal, operators of IMAX screens, backed away from the deal.

Beasts of No Nation

The film, starring Idris Elba, was shot last year in Ghana for $6 million. Netflix emerged the victor from a stiff bidding war, and is positioning the company to become a major award season contender.

The film tells the story of a child ripped from his family to become a child soldier fighting in a civil war in an unnamed African country. Cary Fukunaga wrote and directed the film that is already generating potential Oscar buzz.


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