Netflix is trying new tactic. Besides paying ISPs for faster internet, Netflix is displaying messages for users with slow-loading videos that blame Verizon and other ISPs for the problem.

Verizon took exception to the messages and served Netflix with a cease-and-desist letter. The ISP calls the message “deceptive” and have threatened legal action.

Netflix spokesman Joris Evers confirmed the message. Netflix is “testing ways to let consumers know how their Netflix experience is being affected by congestion on their broadband provider’s network.”

Netflix’s blow to Verizon comes despite the agreement earlier this year in which Netflix will pay Verizon to boost streaming speeds. Looks like the boosted speeds aren’t reaching everybody yet.

“I sincerely hope this is not a harbinger of things to come in terms of how Netflix treats its network partners and our mutual customers,” said Verizon executive VP Randal Milch wrote in a letter to Netflix.

Netflix spokesman Joris Evers fired back. “This is about consumers not getting what they paid for from their broadband provider.”

All of this comes back to the issue of net neutrality. Netflix is vehemently against net neutrality. Too bad they don’t show it when they keep paying ISPs for faster connections. The ISPs aren’t going to budge now they are getting money from the biggest streaming platform.

Don’t understand net neutrality, or want to learn more about with some laughs thrown in? Check out John Oliver’s segment on net neutrality. It’s awesome.


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