No juice needed hoss. Netflix recognizes quality and the Syfy series, The Expanse, (based on the James S.A. Corey book series) has been snapped up for non-US audiences. If you haven’t read the books, come on. Open up the Kindle app and get to reading.

Before The Expanse aired, I was worried it would get the Syfy treatment of days past. Instead, what the network managed to pull off in season one is amazing and returned the channel to the glory days of Battlestar, etc.

It cannot be stressed enough if you’re remotely a sci-fi fan, watch this show. Read the books. I can’t wait for season two in January. And those not in the United States will be able to enjoy a healthy binge right after it airs stateside.

The Expanse global rights and Netflix

What Netflix did in acquiring the rights is similar to its Peaky Blinders (another must watch) arrangement with BBC. Its season airs in the UK and Netflix has first run rights once it concludes.

Same setup for The Expanse and quite an endorsement of the series. Syfy has room to run with the series as it heads into the second season.

Some things have changed from the novels, but I’m onboard with the compacted story. Considering it only has ten episodes per season, the fantastic writing team displays sci-fi at its best.

For fans of the series and novels, Babylon’s Ashes releases December 6. Two more months until we see how our favorites on the Rocinante are fairing. A month later we dive into season two on Syfy. Go ahead and watch the trailer again.

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