The embarrassment of riches for entertainment has reached a new high. Netflix has unwrapped its next addicting series, and the streaming service has gone Western.

With Jason Momoa. You’ll remember him as Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. If you’re a Stargate fan, you’ll definitely remember him as Ronon Dex. Why we lack a Stargate show, I’ll never understand.

The six-episode debut season will premiere in 2016 and is being directed by Brad Peyton (San Andreas).

Netflix’s description of Frontier is as “an action-packed adventure drama following the chaotic and violent struggle to control wealth and power in the North American fur trade in the late 18th century. Told from multiple perspectives, the series takes place in a world where business negotiations might be resolved with close-quarter hatchet fights, and where delicate relations between Native tribes and Europeans can spark bloody conflicts.”

Count me in. We need a good Western on TV.

jason momoa in Netflix Frontier

Shooting in Canada, Netflix grabbed the rights to screen it globally. Canadians will be able to catch the show on Discovery Canada first.

“We jumped at the opportunity to bring this action-packed series to our global viewers,” said Erik Barmack, vice president of Local Originals at Netflix. “The creative team behind the series has a very exciting vision for Jason and the show, and we’re thrilled to be working with Discovery Canada on getting a vast, worldwide audience to enjoy it.”

What about the rest of the cast? Joining Momoa will be Landon Liboiron (Hemlock Grove), Zoe Boyle (Downton Abbey) and Alun Armstrong (Braveheart). Armstrong played the Scottish noble Monray that betrayed William Wallace in the 1995 film.

Too Many Shows?

Is it me or are there too many entertainment options? I never even finished Narcos. Sure network TV is still network TV, but even it feels like it has stepped up the quality.

And now a Western on Netflix? Hell yes. It makes me want to watch Tombstone.

What do you think of the casting and brief synopsis of Frontier? I already know Netflix will be humming that day in my house.


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