Hasbro left it up to the people to decide the next set of pieces coming in this fall’s Monopoly set. The results? Well, they went about as you’d expect a vote in 2017 to go. Good on Hasbro to include choices from the get go. The last thing you want is to give millions of people on the internet a blank choice.

If you’re a fan of the Thimble, Boot or Wheelbarrow, I’ve got bad news for you. You’ll have to choose between a T-Rex, Rubber Ducky or Penguin. The Thimble fate was already sealed back in February. But Hasbro waited until today to make it official. As for Wheelbarrow? C’mon, do you think it even stood a chance. A piece depicting physical labor? I don’t need a vote to tell me that wasn’t going to fly in 2017.

Here’s Hasbro’s Jonathan Berkowitz talking about the vote. “The next generation of tokens clearly represents the interests of our fans around the world and we’re proud to have our iconic game impacted by the people that feel most passionate about playing it.”

Here’s how the fan-picked lineup for this fall’s Monopoly Tokens shakes out:

Scottie Dog
Top Hat
Rubber Ducky

This isn’t the first time a piece has been taken off the board. In 2013, the iron was ditched for the cat. See? Anything that involves doing something physical gets the ax. If I’m the other classic pieces, I start adding guns. You don’t see the Battleship getting the boot, do you?

Only the top hat, race car and battleship are left from the original lineup. You better watch out race car. Fans might try to replace you with an automated car soon. Like I said, add guns. You’ll make it.

Alright, someone grabs the T-Rex – what piece are you going for after that?

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