A Whole Bunch of New Battlefield V Maps Are Coming This Summer

Battlefield V’s Chapter 4: Defying the Odds should be renamed Chapter 4: Bringing the Maps. A new trailer went live this morning with lots of good teases. Stick around for the end to hear the iconic M1 Garand ping.

The Gist: The trailer below reveals five maps coming to Battlefield V between June and October.

June 27: Al Sundan

July: Marita

August: Provence and Lofoten

October: Operation Underground (a reimagining of Operation Metro)

Chapter 5 teaser of the Pacific Theater

Damn, I’m a sucker for a good Battlefield trailer. We wanted more maps. We are getting more maps.

Al Sundan kicks Chapter 4 off with an open map based on the Under No Flag mission. It’s awesome seeing those planes taking off from the runway. I know it probably adds a lot of stress to the game engine, but it’s worth it.

The rest of the trailer looks excellent too, and that ending with the M1 Garand firing off the last few notes of the Battlefield theme before the ‘ping’ is just too damn good.

The folks at DICE LA continue to lend a helping hand with Battlefield’s post-launch content. DICE LA’s Julian Manolov jumped on Twitter to say Marita will be the third map created by DICE LA after Panzerstorm and the recently released Mercury.

Manolov also mentioned recently that DICE LA isn’t heading up the live service as they did with Battlefield 4 and 1, that’s being done at the main Stockholm office.

We can expect to hear a lot more about Chapter 4 and hopefully Chapter 5 during EA Play on Saturday. Battlefield V’s community manager jumped on Reddit to tease, “Saturday’s gonna be good.” A cross-play announcement between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 would be nice. Probably not going to happen, but it would help with the issue of DICE taking modes away that have low player counts.