New Battlefront 2 Update Takes Aim at Finn and Boba Fett

Everyone’s favorite game to hate (it’s actually fun when you look past the loot/progression system) gets its first update of 2018. And with it comes a few new pieces of content, hero and class tweaks, and the usual laundry list of bug fixes. Let’s take a look.

On the content side, Blast gets a new map on Crait. Battlefront 2 takes the action below the surface where Chewie and those space penguins were cruising in ‘The Last Jedi.’

“Battle in the mines among the machinery and crystals leftover from the previous occupants,” is how the devs describe it.

Iden Versio also joins Starfighter Assault in her TIE/In fighter “custom-built for Inferno Squad.” Sorry Iden, but there still isn’t a Hero Starfighter that tops Boba Fett’s Slave I. The rhythmic thumping of Slave I’s laser cannon along with the sharp crack of the sonic mine is just too damn awesome to pass up.

Iden’s TIE fighter also comes with the usual Star Card setup.

Battlefront 2’s heroes weren’t left unscathed in today’s patch. Finn and Boba Fett are taking the brunt of the tweaks. Here are the changes coming to Finn today.

– Reduced base damage of his EL-16 from 65 to 45
– Reduced the time before heat cooldown kicks in from 3.5 to 1.5 seconds
– Reduced damage of each Deadeye shot from 40 to 30

And Boba Fett.

– Reduced the damage per rocket of Rocket Barrage from 90 to 78
– Reduced the inner damage radius for each rocket of Rocket Barrage from 2 to 1.5 meters
– Reduced the outer damage radius for each rocket of Rocket Barrage from 4 to 3 meters

Hard to argue with these changes. Lightsaber-wielding heroes are cool and all, but the non-Force heroes gain the advantage of not having to wade into the thick of battle to be useful. Not to mention that damn combat roll is a headache for Lightsaber heroes.

The folks behind Battlefront 2 even took a swipe at my Wookie Warrior. Alright now, that’s a step too far. Here’s what it looks like now.

– Reduced Bowcaster center projectile damage multiplier from 1.3 to 1
– Lowered Bowcaster fall off distance at the start from 20 to 10 meters & at the end from 30 to 25 meters
– Reshuffled Bowcaster explosion damage and projectile damage to make falloff have higher effect
– Increased Bowcaster heat per shot

I’ll be firing up Battlefront 2 later to see exactly how these changes affect the Wookie Warrior. Don’t go messing with my favorite Specialist too much, DICE.

The rest of the patch notes is filled with more tweaks and bug fixes.

As for the future? “This is just the first of many exciting updates in store, so please keep your feedback coming,” says the dev team. “We’re always listening for ways to grow, fix, and improve the game.”

Start pushing special modes on the weekend some. Maybe Galactic Assault without heroes. Or, Starfighter Assault with only Millenium Falcons. Toss them up there and see what sticks.