There’s a new Far Cry 4 trailer out today highlighting the title’s slew of weapons. “Spread the word” as the narrator says with the Vector, MG42, Mortars, P416, Auto-crossbow and a Flamethrower.

Change up the pace with bait. See a guard that needs a good mauling. Toss some bait his way and watch a tiger do the work for you.

Far Cry 4 looks great, but today’s trailer was a bit boring. Show us some more about the story or new features. We know, it has guns. It’s an FPS. What else are we going to be doing.

Last week’s Pagan Min trailer was a solid one showing the psychopath dictator of Kyrat.

Let’s see Far Cry 4’s map editor in action. That’s one of the features I can’t wait to play the most. Far Cry 4 releases this November on consoles and PC.


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