IO Interactive says they will be talking about the next Hitman title this year. The news comes as the official Hitman Twitter account responds to a fan wanting to know when the next game is coming.

The tweet reads, “There’s more info coming this year and we can’t wait to share it!”

A new Hitman has been teased for a while now, but no major info has come since Absolution released back in 2012.

The obvious time to reveal a new Hitman would be E3. Or, a magazine reveal.

One Feature I Want to See

Whenever IO Interactive and Square Enix reveal Hitman, there is one feature I want to see. Non-linear missions. Absolution was a decent game, but the linear missions were tiring.

I want the more open-ended mission designs in the previous Hitman titles. Co-op, if implemented right, could also be a great feature to add in a new Hitman title.

If Absolution is your only taste of the Hitman series go back and try Hitman 2: Silent Assassin or Hitman: Blood Money. Both are great titles.

Tell me one feature you would like to see added to a new Hitman title.


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