Roland Emmerich likes to see the world burn (2012). Or freeze (Day After Tomorrow). Whatever. He just likes to wreck shit on Earth. He’s back at the helm of Independence Day, and the newest Resurgence trailer looks great. If there ever was the perfect popcorn movie this summer, Independence Day: Resurgence is it.

The second trailer helps set the story up a little bit more. It’s been 20 years since one of the greatest movie speeches of all time. In that time, Earth has built up its defences to protect against a possible future attack. Well, that attack is coming. Some of the aliens managed to send a distress signal into deep space. Another fleet is coming and the ships are really big. I don’t know what else is cooking in Area 51, but I hope it’s good.

We also see Will Smith’s Steven Hiller character mentioned. And what looks like a quick flashback of his plane crashing.

Will Smith Independence Day Resurgence

Man, an Independence Day without Will Smith just won’t be the same. Look, I know After Earth was a dud – but c’mon. It’s Independence Day. You know what? Screw it, bring Will Smith back anyways. They brought back Dr. Brackish Okun after he got strangled by an alien in the first one. You telling me they had time to save Okun while figuring out how the hell to blow up all the alien spaceships? If Okun can live, then so can Miller.

The first Independence Day is a summer classic. Can Resurgence follow-up? It’s always hard for sequels, but Resurgence looks like a whole lot of fun. Dumb fun, maybe. But still fun. Goldblum’s “they like to get the landmarks” line at the end was great.

I just hope some of the action still feels up-close and personal. The original did a great job showing off how powerful the aliens while keeping much of the action personal. The White House blowing up is an iconic shot from the first one. I hope Resurgence has a similar one. But dropping one city atop another doesn’t do it for me. It looks badass, but seeing the White House explode gave you an ‘oh shit’ moment when watching it the first time.

We’ll see if Resurgence can live up to the hype when it hits theaters on June 24th. I’ll be there on day one. Will you?

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