Two New Modern Warfare 2 Ground War Maps and Infected Coming In Season 3

The next big update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is nearly here, and Raven Software just published a huge blog post with all the goods. But let’s look at what’s coming to Call of Duty’s version of large-scale battles – Ground War.

Two new ‘Battle Maps,’ as the devs dub them, are coming at launch with Season 3. Both of them are chunks of the Al-Mazrah Warzone map. Still no maps from the rumored third Warzone map, Las Almas (two launch Ground War maps are believed to be from this rumored map).

Rohan Oil is crafted from the oil fields in the top left of the Warzone map. 

This same locale is also cut up into a Core Map (6v6) for Season 3 and is set at night.

The second map is the Sattiq Cave Complex located in the middle of the Warzone map. The devs describe it as “an interesting mix of verticality, small building skirmishes, and interior combat via its intricate cave network. Note the downed plane and the area surrounding it; this may be familiar to veterans of the franchise.”

Ground War also gets a new mode with GW Infected. But that’ll be coming at some point during Season 3. It will probably be when the mid-season patch dubbed ‘Reloaded’ drops. 

“Fight with your fellow survivors – if you are not chosen as the initial Infected – to last as long as possible in what should be all-out chaos. It may be easier in this mode to earn a fabled Killstreak, although survivors may need plenty of skill and potentially a bit of luck to unleash the ultimate explosive ending,” writes the devs.

It’s great to see all parts of Call of Duty continue to receive support. And the devs should lean more into fun modes like Infected to keep the multiplayer fresh. Same goes for Warzone.

Check out the entire post for everything coming in Season 3, including new Core maps, Warzone modes, gameplay changes, and more.