Best Fiends is the first game from developer Seriously Digital Entertainment. The game will be the first of three planned animated games with plans to spin them into a broader entertainment franchise. Think movies, TV, etc.

Best Fiends will be a direct challenge to mobile powerhouse Rovio Entertainment. Is Seriously up for it? Well, they have an all-star cast of employees. Seriously was founded by two former Rovio execs, Andrew Stalbow and Petri Järvilehto, last August.

The two have attracted additional talent from Rovio as well as developers from Disney, Remedy and Fox. Best Fiends’ music should be one of the highlights as Despicable Me composer Heitor Pereira helped out. Pereira will also work on the music for animated shorts based on Best Fiends.

Seriously is partnering with visual-branding juggernaut Pilot Studio, who worked on Transformers and Star Wars merchandise lines. And, they also hired Soren Fieng to work on the animated shorts.

All this before they even release their first game. Seriously is making a huge bet that Best Fiends will be a hit. With the execs’ pedigree, if anyone can make a mobile hit right out of the gate, it’s Seriously. Stalbow helped initiate some of Rovio’s most lucrative partnerships including deals with Hasbro, Lucasfilm and the Angry Birds cartoon series.

Stalbow believes this broad strategy of creating an entertainment brand will help Seriously stand out from the deluge of mobile games.

He told USA Today, “We want to differentiate ourselves by building something that feels Hollywood-level creative and original. Collectively, we have been influenced by a number of properties that we’ve all worked on such as The Simpsons, Max Payne and, of course, Angry Birds. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned along the way and are trying to crystallize it.”

Best Fiends will be free (in-app purchase model) when it hits mobile devices this October.


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